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Otonari no Nikushokujuu

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Name: Otonari no Nikushokujuu
Alternate Name: The Carnivorous Neighbor
Year of Release: 2012
Status: Ongoing
Author: Higashino You
Genre: Comedy, Smut, Yaoi
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The young ikemen who pretends to be a faithful dog turns out to be a carnivorous beast..!? Shuuji is a salary man, who is a crazy-about-idols otaku. He has always been selfish when it came to his childhood friend, Tomoya. But one day, the always faithful dog, Tomoya, suddenly had his button pushed...! (he seems to be capable of very passionate kisses). However, Shuuji, who always has seen Tomoya as nothing more but a childhood friend, gets the 'doki-doki' thump in his chest ; yet it's because of a male..!? A love case where the ever so submissive, faithful dog turns out to be carnivorous. The start of a new pornographic love~!

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