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Mo Hitori No Marionnette

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Name: Mo Hitori No Marionnette
Alternate Name: Mo Hitori No Marionette, Mo Hitori No Marionnette, One More Marionnette, Mou Hitori No Marionette
Year of Release: 1991
Status: Completed
Author: Saitou Chiho
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
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This story revolves around a young ballerina named Nanami. A talented director, Jin, becomes involved in Nanami's life when her father collapses in his arms, begging him to deliver a bouquet to his daughter after her first major performance. Her father dies, but Jin has seen enough of Nanami to be convinced of her talent. He offers to pay for ballet school if she agrees to act in his troop. Their potential relationship is complicated by Jin's split personality, for his cruel half overpowers his kind side, making their lives wonderfully angst filled and difficult.

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