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Mehyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku

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Name: Mehyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku
Alternate Name: Hot Beast, Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Author: KATSUMOTO Kasane
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut
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The Leopard and the Faithful Manservant: 1) After getting dumped the most spectacular way at the start of a new year, she calls up her childhood friend for some emotional unloading. And when she thinks things can't get any worst, she gets her wrist broken by the car accident caused by her friend. She then commands him to be her slave until her wrist is healed. A Fiery Kiss on a Rooftop: 2) With the party girl's hands forced by her parents to either get a teaching license or have her allowance cut off, she caves. Begrudgingly, she sets off for her practicum at a high school. His Feverish Glance: 3) With her wedding nine months away and a comfortable life seemingly in her lap, she helps a handsome stranger out when he was being pursued. The House Touched by a Spirit: 4) A trip with her married co-worker to Hokkaido ends disastrously after he chickens out after his wife contacts him. The girl tries to hitch a ride to town from a passing stranger but he brings her home instead.

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