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Magic The Gathering

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Name: Magic The Gathering
Alternate Name: Magic The Gathering, Magic: The Gathering - Moe Tsukinu Honoo
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Ongoing
Author: Murayama Yoshitaka
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen
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The World is made from five types of mana: Green mana grown in the forest which represents life and growth; White mana born in the plains which symbolizes order and light; Blue mana risen from the ocean, reflecting knowledge and illusion; Black mana seeping from the swamps, controlling death and darkness; Red mana, bellowing out of the mountains, displays the flames and enthusiasm. Set out on a journey, based upon the original card-collecting game "Magic: The Gathering", with young Chandra Nalaar, known as the infamous "Crimson Mage", who is in truth a powerful Planeswalker. Though the power of the Planeswalkers are shunned by many, Chandra aspires to control and harness this power. Now joining the monastery which lies within the mountains, Chandra is asked to aid Samir Mia Kauldi, an elf from the Forest, investigate 'something terrible' that appeared in Great Western Wood...

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