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Konya, Kimi Ni Ai Ni Iku

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Name: Konya, Kimi Ni Ai Ni Iku
Alternate Name: Konya Kimi Ni Ai Ni Iku, Tonight, I Got To Meet You
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Ongoing
Author: Kaori
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
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Yorika Senoo is taking a picture of Yousuke Shiiba, the guy she likes playing soccer on her phone. She is then hit by the ball giving her the chance to finally talk to him. She returns home to have her dreams crushed as her father is being transferred to London. Not wanting to leave the chance to know Shiiba behind she decides to stay in Japan. Her worried parents allow her as she makes her way to her new share-house with a girl named Yuki Yoshihara...but when she arrives turns out Yuki is a guy not a girl, and his name is Yutaka Yoshihara. She got the kanji confused.

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