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Kimi wa Suki no Daimeishi

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Name: Kimi wa Suki no Daimeishi
Alternate Name: You are Synonymous for "Love"; You are the Pronoun for Love, Kimi wa "Suki" no Daimeishi
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Ongoing
Author: Shimaki Ako
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Tragedy
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Contains 3 oneshots: 1) Kimi wa "Suki" no Daimeishi From Midnight Scans: I didn't think you'd still remember me once you'd gained fame. When you're supposed to pick me up, you don't even think to come. That's why, when there's someone who even slightly resembles you... Ten years ago, you left me to become a kabuki actor. But I still remember the promise from that day... You have become famous and are called "the most beautiful high school student in Japan". I'm living in a different world from you. That's why you won't even think to meet me once again...? 2) Hetakuso Kata Omoi (Hopeless Unrequited Love) All Yuri wants to do is talk to her crush in her art club, Yano-kun, yet she's able to do anything but. Getting an idea, she asks Yano's best friend, Kimidzuka, for some tips on how to make her ideal for Yano. Though reluctant, Kimi-kun helps out... 3) Eien ni Nemure (Eternal Sleep) Jin's just a lowly pirate with an incredibly handsome face and loves playing with women, but this annoying female brat, who he was going to sell as a slave with the rest of them, somehow feels different from everyone else.

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