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Karada Meate de Warui ka

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Name: Karada Meate de Warui ka
Alternate Name: Karada Meate de Waruika
Year of Release: 2011
Status: Completed
Author: KOIZUMI Kiyo
Genre: School Life, Yaoi
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Chapters 1-3: "As long as Kakuno's willing to look at me, it's okay." Hazumi was helped by his classmate, Kakuno, who saw him being harassed by some upperclassmen. His heart stolen by Kakuno's strong and beautiful body, Hazumi told Kakuno that he wanted to see it all. Kakuno obliged, but as time passed their relationship became no clearer. They started out as strangers, neither lovers nor friends. Which would it be, if any? Chapters 4-5: "I'm not what you would want in a lover..." decided Sumino, after Hasumi confessed to him. Sumino is one of the assistant teachers in Hasumi's school, where it is common for upperclassmen to help teach class. Hasumi, captivated by the sensuous body of Sumino, desires to see his sempai naked... in his bed; for their two bodies to form a bond in physical bliss. But what will Sumino-sempai think of this wish to be more than friends? Will anyone really care if Hasumi thinks that way but Sumino? Sumino-sempai is straight after all... or is he?

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